Gongol.com Archives: April 2012
Brian Gongol

April 13, 2012

Business and Finance Article 18: Why Italy's economy is hard to jump-start
The law makes it nearly impossible to fire employees -- which naturally makes them extremely reluctant to hire people in the first place

Socialism Doesn't Work Press bus makes wrong turn in North Korea
And they ended up getting a better view of what really goes on inside the Stalinist state

News North Korean rocket launch failure
Was it a tool of space exploration or just a thinly-veiled weapons experiment?

Humor and Good News Why there's not a big market for "social media experts"
Lots of people who lack other skills are trying to sell themselves as "professional" users of sites like Facebook. The reality is that no amount of publicity can make up for a lack of good content.

Computers and the Internet Google announces stock split

Iowa Western Iowa groups hope to speed up the widening of Highway 20

Computers and the Internet Historical images overlaid on modern Google Street View shots
Really fascinating

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