Gongol.com Archives: May 2012
Brian Gongol

May 13, 2012

Iowa The Walmart effect is now mostly stabilized in Iowa towns
Sales declines in surrounding communities have supposedly stabilized, according to new research from ISU. The stores are bad for in-town direct competition, but specialty stores nearby actually appear to do a little better, since the Walmart acts like a magnet for shoppers from nearby.

News The really bad idiom: "He has hate in his heart"
Nobody has hate in their heart. They have it in their heads. And then they choose not to think hard enough to overcome that hate.

Business and Finance "Errors, sloppiness, and bad judgment" cost JP Morgan billions
A $2 billion loss isn't going to sink the company. But it's getting to be almost impossible to think that investment bankers (as a class) have really cleaned up their act.

Iowa Iowa's worst rollover spot could be fixed...in 15 years
A redesign for the really awful I-80/I-380 interchange is up for a vote later this month. But it's still going to be long before anything actually happens.

Business and Finance Iowa kids win prize for video about financial literacy

Business and Finance A checklist for keeping bad CEOs out of the executive suite
Managing the managers is the chief job of company boards. But too many directors have been too complacent when it comes to acting in the shareholders' interest.

Broadcasting Upcoming movie will probe the private side of Johnny Carson

Socialism Doesn't Work Vikings will pay less than half of the cost of their new stadium
To be opened in 2016

Agriculture US could have a big corn surplus this year
That's going to hurt prices

Science and Technology Robots may reach out better to some autistic kids than people can

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