Gongol.com Archives: June 2012
Brian Gongol

June 7, 2012

Business and Finance China's central bank cuts interest rates
As when it's done in the United States and elsewhere, the hope is that lower rates will encourage businesses to borrow and in turn use that borrowing to create more goods and services. Lower interest rates also punish people who prefer to save their money, so it encourages them to consume instead. Savers will now get 3.25% on their deposits, while a one-year loan will cost 6.31%. But don't bother commenting about it online behind the Great Firewall -- the government is proposing even tighter controls on the Internet.

Health Fetal genome sequencing is now possible
But are we ready for it, ethically and legally?

Business and Finance Spain is now the financial scapegoat of Europe

Agriculture So, it's a mite carrying a virus that's been killing off the bees
A huge problem for agriculture

Computers and the Internet Facebook is launching its own app store
Oh dear. Another way for old people to get confused.

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