Gongol.com Archives: July 2012
Brian Gongol

July 11, 2012

Business and Finance New TD Ameritrade headquarters is supposed to look like old-school ticker tape
In a world increasingly filled with dull, unimaginative, and just plain ugly architecture, at least it's something new

Business and Finance The gap between what businesses need and what job-seekers can offer is too large
A survey of hiring managers by CareerBuilder suggests that it's costing the economy. Meanwhile, college graduates are saying (out loud), "I think I just should have majored in business." No kidding? Liberal-arts degrees are fine (especially as second majors), but we need more math and science majors. A lot more.

Iowa Electricity prices went to 17 times normal last Thursday
The heat wave sent demand through the roof, while some power plants were offline and couldn't produce

News Even the Taliban hates Al Qaeda

Iowa Iowa City's attempt to replace panhandlers with donation meters

Computers and the Internet Military theorist says the US should be recruiting hackers to fight cyberwars for us

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