Gongol.com Archives: July 2012
Brian Gongol

July 13, 2012

Computers and the Internet Single piece of malware attacks Windows, Mac, and Linux at the same time
That's a pretty unusual combination

Computers and the Internet Digg sells for $500,000
The social news site was once valued by some investors at $175,000,000. Now it's been sold for scrap parts, in essence.

Business and Finance Economy continues to grow, but at a slower pace
It's shameful how badly the economy is covered in the news. There's the rate of economic growth, and then there's the rate of change in that rate of growth. It's not good that the economy's rate of growth is starting to slow down -- but at least it's still growing. That's not quite the same as "flatlining". Imprecision of language leads to imprecision of thought in things like this, and if there's one subject about which people should be smarter (and eager to become smarter), it's economics.

Iowa Prairie Meadows has biggest-ever year for casino revenues
How should people really feel, though, about the fact that it's on rented public land and is operated by a nonprofit group? At the very least, it's an uncomfortable arrangement in which the county government gets subsidized by gamblers. It's been suggested (only a little bit tongue-in-cheek) that the profits from casinos should be funneled directly to the teaching of math, probability, and statistics in schools.

Business and Finance Will municipal bankruptcies become more common?
Warren Buffett thinks so. There's no question, though, that people have gone a little bit daft: As Buffett also points out, people are accepting zero and even negative rates of return on Federal bonds -- for periods out to 20 years. That's just plain nuts.

Iowa State senate candidate takes a leave of absence from the real world

Health Inducing hypothermia can save some babies' lives