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Brian Gongol

July 19, 2012

Science and Technology Natural gas overtakes coal as the #1 source of US electrical power
On the bright side, natural gas is insanely cheap right now, and it leaves behind a smaller greenhouse-gas footprint than burnt coal. But on the other hand, as Charlie Munger pointed out at this year's Berkshire Hathaway shareholders' meeting, the United States has an enormous natural resource "in the bank" with all of that natural gas sitting in the ground, and using it now in large volumes just because it's temporarily cheap may prove to be a very, very regrettable decision in the future.

Business and Finance Man retires after a 58-year career at just one store
Jack Diamond sold furniture at the Nebraska Furniture Mart from 1954 until this week. He moved to Nebraska after being a member of the Polish Resistance against the Nazis in WWII. Remarkable.

Iowa Automated traffic enforcement hits a new record in Des Moines
Cameras (speed or red-light) were responsible for 4,762 citations in June -- or more than 158 per day. Nobody needs to excuse anyone else for breaking the law, but there is neither the evidence that 158 daily tickets are preventing a meaningful number of traffic accidents, nor that the automated enforcement of the law justifies giving people the sense that they are perpetually under surveillance.

Science and Technology Are scientists working too hard at the wrong tasks?
And is it causing burnout? One columnist thinks so.

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