Gongol.com Archives: July 2012
Brian Gongol

July 26, 2012

Business and Finance Judging job candidates by their grammar
Interesting hypothesis: If you don't know the rules for "its" vs. "it's" by age 20, your learning curve is too flat for you to be qualified for other work.

Science and Technology What woods you should avoid using to smoke meat

Humor and Good News The Onion: "Horrible couple really wants wedding to reflect their personalities"

Humor and Good News Tomorrow will be Ron Santo Day at Wrigley Field

Business and Finance Chicago lures 3,000 jobs at Motorola away from a neighboring suburb
The jobs will move from Libertyville to the Merchandise Mart -- a distance of about 40 miles (but no real migration out of the Chicagoland area). This begs the question: What's the point? Didn't Chicago just steal a few jobs from a neighbor without really creating anything new? This is exactly what's wrong with economic-development projects: Nothing new is really being created. We're just shuffling the deck.

Business and Finance On a quest to eradicate poverty around the world

News A pitched battle is being fought over Britain's economy
Things have turned south for the economy, but the government is way out of fiscal balance

Business and Finance America's factories are filling up, and mortgage rates keep falling down

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