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Brian Gongol

August 27, 2012

Broadcasting Jimmy Kimmel gets the "Nightline" timeslot in January
Kimmel is funnier than Leno and Letterman, so it'll make for a decent bout of competition, but Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson are really the two to watch. Note, though, to the Washington Post: Saying that Conan O'Brien was "too young and too hip for flyover country" is pretty offensive. It's rude to call the rest of the nation "flyover country" to begin with, and to suggest that a bunch of rubes out in the sticks brought down Conan O'Brien is absurd. First off, NBC treated him unfairly. Second off, to blame the rest of the country for a show's failure is mathematically ignorant. The top ten television markets in the US contain 34,253,110 "TV homes" out of 115,905,450 in the entire country. That's 29.6% of the total. Nobody can blame Davenport, Iowa, (market #99, with 309,800 TV households) for bringing down an entire show. Being a regional snob may be self-satisfying, but it's not adequate journalism.

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