Gongol.com Archives: August 2012
Brian Gongol

August 31, 2012

The United States of America The decline of fraternal organizations in America
This is a profoundly important story that gets practically zero attention

News Iranian government forbids women from studying nuclear physics and petroleum engineering
No reasonable society can exclude half its population from scientific and technical fields and hope to compete in the modern world

Business and Finance Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke wants more economic stimulus

Agriculture How and why cucumber tendrils turn into springy coils

Weather and Disasters Isaac's rain is needed here, but probably won't fall in most of Iowa
The drought remains extreme without a great deal of relief. The 20.08" of rain that Isaac dropped on New Orleans is more rain than has fallen on Des Moines all year -- which means we're nearly 10" short of where we should normally be by the start of September.

News Drunk motorcyclist killed after exceeding 120 mph near Cedar Rapids
He left behind a 17-month-old daughter

Aviation News US Airways and American Airlines examine merger prospects

Health Whooping cough cases are on the rise
Dramatically so. And almost undoubtedly due to the fact that there are too many people who consciously avoid vaccinations. They put their own lives at risk and threaten others by doing so. Not every vaccine creates immunity -- just like not every aspirin cures a headache. But we all benefit from herd immunity. The more of us who are vaccinated, the fewer of us are exposed to the risk of contagious diseases.

Weather and Disasters Big wildfire spreads in western Nebraska

Humor and Good News TV commentator learns first-hand not to make fun of Tae Kwon-Do

The United States of America "The Libertarian Party is a great concept [...] but it got too far off the deep end, and so I dropped out"
David Koch's comments on the GOP and the Libertarian Party show that he isn't the one-dimensional money machine that his political opponents make him out to be. The sooner America's left wing makes peace with the idea that markets are natural forces (with which we must work constructively) and the sooner America's right wing makes peace with the fact that social standards have opened up on a large number of issues (and that as moves the society, so must move the laws), the better off we'll all be.