Gongol.com Archives: September 2012
Brian Gongol

September 2, 2012

Weather and Disasters One woman loses five houses to five hurricanes
That's just incredibly bad luck

Iowa Iowa faces high fire danger this harvest season
There's already an enormous problem with huge wildfires in western Nebraska

News What to do with Afghan security forces?

The United States of America Political parties need a little internal dissent
Particularly in America, there's room for a lot of different ideas under the two main party umbrellas, and it's good (and healthy) for each to have some internal dissent. It keeps them honest. But it would be nice if the Democrats could have a strong pro-business wing and the Republicans could have a strong socially-moderate wing, like each once did. One of the serious problems with the very loud Ron Paul wing of the Republican party is that they're cantankerous mainly for the sake of so being. Some of their strongest demands (like for an end to the Federal Reserve and a resumption of the gold standard) are just so far outside the realm of reasonability that they lose credibility on other issues for which they may in fact have a sensible voice. There's no good in being disputative just for the sake of picking a fight.

News Catholic cardinal goes out with a critical bang