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Brian Gongol

September 3, 2012

Agriculture Subsidies may cover much of the farming loss from this year's drought
It still would have been a much better year had it rained and had there not been such an extraordinary drought. In some places, the conditions are worse than in the Dust Bowl.

Computers and the Internet Apple could launch the iPad Mini in October
A tablet in the 7" size range would compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7, which both go for $199.

Iowa There's lots of work being done -- and to be done -- in the Midwest
Labor-force participation rates are high, unemployment is low, and people aren't retiring as quickly as elsewhere -- which is interesting, considering the signs already showing that there are serious worker shortages in a number of skilled work fields

News 100 years ago, private clubs marked the roads

Computers and the Internet Do architects draw enough?
That is, do they freehand enough, or do they rely too much on CAD? Michael Graves thinks they're too quick to abandon pen and paper.

Humor and Good News Quotes from The Simpsons
"You can't treat the working man this way! One day, we'll form a union and get the fair and equitable treatment we deserve. Then we'll go too far and get corrupt and shiftless, and the Japanese will eat us alive!"

Computers and the Internet Should you get an all-in-one computer?

News A list of attempts at saying "he/she" in a less-clunky fashion

Business and Finance If Greece gets kicked out of the Euro...
...some banks might actually send trucks full of cash across the border, just to keep businesses afloat

Weather and Disasters September is Family Preparedness Month

Business and Finance Americans have an estimated $6.8 trillion in investments around the world
The surprise, perhaps, is that the number isn't larger.

The United States of America For the protocol buffs
The United States' order of precedence -- who gets introduced ahead of whom

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