Gongol.com Archives: September 2012
Brian Gongol

September 8, 2012

Business and Finance Time to set lower expectations for government
Dreaming of a government-driven manufacturing boom isn't necessarily wise. Policy debates about employment tend to make two overlapping errors: (1) That it is government's job to *do* something, rather than to referee the market according to the rule of law; and (2) that jobs are more important than wealth. Better to work five hours a week and be wealthy than work 80 hours a week and be poor. Intervention is widely-done but it may not be living up to expectations.

Business and Finance China's economy is still growing...but...
...the rate of growth is sharply down. That's really, really important news for the world economy.

The United States of America Fact-checking the Vice President
Also, watching his language in real time. On a related note, should political speeches be more like TED Talks?

Computers and the Internet Cedar Rapids Gazette puts the brakes on online reader comments
One can't blame them. The level of discussion in many comment sections is about as valuable as having a dog try to recite the alphabet.

Business and Finance Should Greece have to go to a 6-day work week in exchange for a bailout?

Computers and the Internet Yahoo wants to continue staking an independent claim to Internet ad revenues

Computers and the Internet New Nokia cell phones charge without wires