Gongol.com Archives: September 2012
Brian Gongol

September 20, 2012

Computers and the Internet Like it or not, the Internet makes us all neighbors
That means we all have to be more considerate of others than may have been necessary before telecommunications put the globe on every laptop, tablet, and smartphone. But it also means we all have to be more tolerant, too, of things that would otherwise make us angry.

Threats and Hazards JP Morgan and Bank of America may have been hit by an Iranian cyberattack
The incentive for a state actor like Iran to conduct cyberattacks is certainly there: Why wage a shooting war (in which you're massively outgunned) when you can punish your adversary financially -- particularly one who is punishing you through economic sanctions already?

Business and Finance How the Chicago Cubs teach economics
"If a dip in attendance comes next season but the team is competitive by 2014 or '15, then it's a trade-off [team president Theo] Epstein is willing to make."

Business and Finance Hedge-fund manager: China's like an "emerging-market roach motel"
"Corporate profits are imploding over there," says Jim Chanos, who (it should be clear) is in the business of betting against companies he thinks are priced much too high.

Computers and the Internet Walmart is going to stop selling Amazon products in stores

Iowa Private sponsorship of public assets: Tricky territory
"At the committee's August meeting, members expressed concern about the state granting more naming rights to state resources than it already has, and how far such a trend might go. Members also expressed concern about whether sponsors inappropriate for such a setting might win a bid, and whether there might be free speech implications in denying such bids."

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