Gongol.com Archives: September 2012
Brian Gongol

September 27, 2012

Computers and the Internet There are real people behind every online personality

Business and Finance "[S]timulus was a fire-and-forget ballistic missile shot into the economic ozone"

Science and Technology No big deal...just another 5,500 galaxies we hadn't seen before

Threats and Hazards Afghan attack on NATO base was historic in its size
Time for us all to pay a little less attention to the NFL and topless photos of a princess, and a little more to the real news. We're just so easily distracted. And yet there are real terrorist attacks being conducted against the United States and our embassies and consulates abroad.

Business and Finance Household spending on smartphones is cutting into clothing and restaurant spending
This is what's called a revealed preference -- clearly, we must think it's better to have the Internet in the palms of our hands than to go out to dinner; otherwise, we'd be spending the money differently. No matter what people say they value, it's how they actually spend that tells the truth.

Business and Finance A little bit of game theory
What happens to the economy, depending upon who wins the White House and who takes Congress

Broadcasting Testing the prime minister
David Letterman quizzed Britain's David Cameron on a mock UK citizenship exam. It didn't go particularly well. But Cameron did have a good line about US-UK relations: "We had a bit of a falling out [in 1776]. I think weíre getting over that."