Gongol.com Archives: October 2012
Brian Gongol

October 26, 2012

Business and Finance Warren Buffett's simple answer to "diversification"
"Any new company, any new stock I look at, I measure it against the best idea I've got among the present ones." He said it during a longer interview on CNBC the other day.

The United States of America Florida 2000? It could happen again.
Election night may prove to be inconclusive. Then things start to get really interesting.

Weather and Disasters Hurricane Sandy looks like a complete disaster about to happen
It looks as though the entire East Coast is up for trouble, including places like New York City and Washington.

Iowa New Iowa ag land price record: $21,900 an acre
It's up in far northwestern Iowa, which historically has been one of the highest-priced areas of the state

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