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Brian Gongol

November 1, 2012

The United States of America Pew survey: Likely voters are exactly split between Obama and Romney
As for the actual vote, the superstorm really upended things on the East Coast.

Science and Technology Why it's ethical to eat the meat that got derided as "pink slime"
It's meat, just like any other. The process by which it was collected is a technological advancement that means less of each animal goes to waste. If we're going to have animal agriculture, shouldn't we be as efficient about it as we can?

Business and Finance Gallup survey says 20% of American workers are actively poisoning the work environment

Threats and Hazards An awful story of a pointless murder in Omaha
Two young women were shot -- and one died. And over in northeastern Iowa, a couple of bank robbers shot two police officers before they were caught.

Iowa What's the lifespan of a local landmark?
Sioux City, Iowa, has a set of concrete arches installed in 1980. They were installed to establish a local landmark, but now the site is going to be removed so Interstate 29 can be widened. So, do they try to move the arches, or just consign them to history?

Science and Technology Nuclear power in the UK may have new life as it dies in Japan
Hitachi is going to start managing nuclear plants in the UK

Iowa High-end state salaries in Iowa belong entirely to university employees
According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "The first non-university employee in the state salary database coming in at 163 is Som Lerd, a physician supervisor for the Department of Human Services."

News Vladimir Putin's new presidential ride
It's a new domestically-built (to Russia) limousine. It may come as a surprise just how many countries have domestically-built limousines for their heads of state.

Business and Finance The good news: American companies are managed better (on average) than companies elsewhere in the world
The bad news: Only 15% score well on objective tests of management quality

Computers and the Internet Gmail will add extra composition windows

Computers and the Internet How to create mock-engraved type

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