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Brian Gongol

November 13, 2012

The United States of America Unsettling, indeed
The Omaha World-Herald's staff cartoonist asks, "Why do I have this unsettling feeling we're going to learn more about the Petraeus affair than we will Benghazi?" He is absolutely right.

Science and Technology "Idiocracy" today
A Stanford geneticist posits the idea that civilization does such a good job of keeping natural selection from weeding out the stupid that we might be a lot dumber than the average person who lived a few thousand years ago.

Science and Technology Relatively low gas prices keep depressing the market for electric cars
Until the payback period on electric cars reaches something less than the length of time most people tend to keep their cars, EVs aren't going to take up much market share. Also, there's a big difference in value to an electric or hybrid car whether one is in a crowded metro area like Los Angeles (where stop-and-start traffic is the norm) or in a place like western Nebraska, where an uninterrupted 50-mile drive at 60 mph or more is downright routine.

The United States of America US could be self-sufficient in petroleum within a decade
But is that entirely a good thing?

Business and Finance Economists think the low-hanging fruit from cheap labor in the BRIC group is mostly gone

Health MRI tests may show that people in apparent vegetative states are really still conscious

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