Gongol.com Archives: January 2013
Brian Gongol

January 16, 2013

Aviation News Boeing has had better weeks
Battery fires aboard the new Dreamliners have spooked the FAA enough that is has grounded every US-based 787. Japan's big airlines voluntarily grounded their 787s already.

Business and Finance Russian saber-rattling over Japan's currency
Russia doesn't want Japan to weaken its currency. If your currency is weak, that means foreigners get more for their money when they buy your stuff, so a weak-money policy can be very good for exports. Russia doesn't want to see Japan benefit from that at Russia's expense. Heaven help us if the world gets embroiled in a currency-manipulation bloodbath.

Business and Finance Goldman Sachs will pay an average of $400,000 per employee in 2012
Investment bankers would make less money if the rest of us stopped being willfully ignorant about finance

Computers and the Internet Kaspersky bags the target in the hunt for "Red October"
The antivirus and online security firm reports that it discovered a massive cyber-espionage campaign that's been going on since 2007 and continues to this day. Nobody has made a firm identification yet of the perpetrators, but Russian criminals and Chinese government agents are on the shortlist.

Computers and the Internet Coming soon: A new way to search through Facebook
It was announced to great fanfare, but whether it's anything great or revolutionary is yet to be seen. The upgraded search tool in Facebook may allow people to conduct somewhat natural-language searches of the people in their social networks. The beta test will take a while.

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