Gongol.com Archives: January 2013
Brian Gongol

January 30, 2013

Broadcasting Google is thinking of adding paid channels to YouTube

Science and Technology How to get out of quicksand
Plus a lesson in non-Newtonian fluids

Threats and Hazards Egypt's military warns of possible state collapse on its Facebook page
The BBC interprets this as a warning to protesters

News You might've been richer than Zimbabwe last week
The country had $217 in its national bank account at one point last week. A non-trivial number of people carry more than that in their wallets.

Broadcasting What else you could get for the price of a Super Bowl ad
Seems like there may be more effective ways to spend four million advertising dollars

Health Deterrents must be suited to their intended outcomes
A proposal in the Iowa House would create a new criminal offense for mothers who deliver babies who test positive for the presence of drugs. The intention is sound: Pregnant women can endanger their children when they take addictive drugs. But if the child's health is the most paramount issue, and the mothers have already shown sufficient neglect that they are willing to take drugs in the first place, then adding a criminal offense only seems likely to discourage them from getting adequate medical care. As a matter of public health, this seems likely to endanger the children even further. Some sort of evidence must be available to show whether there are more effective means of protecting babies from harm by their mothers. It seems hard to imagine that there isn't a better solution available.

Humor and Good News Most people are fundamentally good at heart
Take the case of the junior-high students -- male and female -- who are knitting scarves for second-graders as a community service gesture

News A flavor chart to woods for smoking meat

Business and Finance How "The Onion" takes advertising to a new level

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