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Brian Gongol

March 6, 2013

Business and Finance "Agitated voters, grandstanding politicians, and intelligent policy rarely go together"
Opinion columnist echoes almost exactly a discussion on the "Brian Gongol Show" on WHO Radio this past weekend -- namely, that shareholders have every reason and right to be categorically angry about the amount of money paid to corporate executives. Not every one of them is overpaid, but many are -- and painfully so. But the way to fix that isn't to impose new laws on that pay, but rather for shareholders to speak up and exercise their rights as the owners of the companies involved.

News ID thief hands Applebee's server the server's own stolen ID

Threats and Hazards One million people have now registered as refugees from Syria
A million people! That's everyone in Boston, plus another 375,000 people, run out of their homeland by a government out of control. The suffering has gone on for months.

Computers and the Internet "The court of public opinion ... works better for revenge and justice than for dispute resolution"
Worthwhile thoughts on how and why people turn to the Internet to get what they want, rather than the courts. A related note: Everyone should know about libel and slander -- starting with young kids. If you're old enough to have a Facebook account (i.e., 13 years old), you're old enough to know the boundaries for defamation. And if those are too difficult to understand, then you shouldn't have the ability to post things on the Internet. The judgment not to thoughtlessly attack, disparage, or defame others is a prerequisite for the safe use of the Internet.

Threats and Hazards Red-light camera companies have an incentive to bribe public officials?
You don't say!

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