Gongol.com Archives: March 2013
Brian Gongol

March 10, 2013

Business and Finance "You can be sure...if it's Westinghouse"
Westinghouse was a great consumer brand name...but does it mean anything anymore? Toshiba owns the Westinghouse name for nuclear plants, but the legendary company also lent its name to a lot of other non-affiliated, unproven brands as well.

Business and Finance More business, but fewer jobs

Business and Finance Executive pay in the Nordic countries is different from here

Business and Finance Time Warner just isn't what it used to be

Aviation News China accidentally takes out a Russian satellite
Debris from a test China did to blow up an old satellite of their own appears to have hit the Russian bird on January 22nd

The American Way "Every single problem can be converted to a social business"
A curious observation from Muhammad Yunus. By "social business", he apparently means private-sector organizations that act a lot like endowed foundations with a business motive.

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