Gongol.com Archives: March 2013
Brian Gongol

March 26, 2013

Iowa Score one for human goodness
After the deeply saddening stories about assault, taunting, and exploitation of vulnerable people in Connecticut and Ohio, it's good to read a story about people taking care of one another when one of them is discovered in a helpless state. Newspaper carrier Ralph Miller found a teenaged girl alone and in danger this past weekend in Cedar Rapids, and he rescued her from likely death. There is much good left in humanity.

Computers and the Internet How to protect and bolster your kid's online reputation
Like it or not, everyone leaves behind a digital footprint on the Internet, and that footprint is finding its way into job interviews and college admissions decisions. Start early and work hard to make sure your kid has a profile that gives them the best possible leg-up on the future.

Iowa Plans in place to restore the Younkers Tea Room
It's not clear that we really should be spending $15 million in public money (via tax credits) to restore it and other historic parts of the downtown Des Moines building, but putting that aside, it will certainly warm a lot of hearts to have the old place back.

Humor and Good News The Onion takes on the Supreme Court gay-marriage case
There can be a great deal of truth in satire.

News Hard feelings about Wrigleyville in the public eye

The United States of America Fascinating story on disability payments in America

Broadcasting "The Americans" actually has roots in real spy programs
The FX show about a sleeper KGB cell in America actually has basis in real spy-cell stories from the present day

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