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Brian Gongol

April 5, 2013

Agriculture We're too slow to respond to signals of famine
A UK think tank points out that early-detection systems give warning of potential famines almost 12 months before they happen -- but the early detection still isn't translating into swift action. We have the means to feed the world, even if nature doesn't always cooperate...but it's human beings that stand in the way of making sure that other people get fed.

Computers and the Internet Austin, Texas, claims to be next on the list to get Google Fiber
It's Google's service for delivering 1 Gbps broadband Internet service -- that's one gigabit per second, or about 100 times faster than the speeds widely found on DSL or cable services. In much of western Europe, 100 Mbps Internet speeds are widely found (that's about ten times faster than American standards...and about a tenth of the speed of Google Fiber). European customers tend to have two things working to their advantage: More competition among Internet providers, and a much higher population density (which makes it easier to get the physical cables in place to deliver high-speed broadband).

Science and Technology A house built to expand as the family inside it grew
A very clever design for a ranch-style home with a huge volume of window space and an open, flexible floorplan

News A manifesto demanding that journalists start showing their work
It's possible to do so rather easily, thanks to the Internet, so it should probably happen more often -- as a matter of building and reinforcing credibility and trust

Humor and Good News That's not the recommended way of demolishing a silo
(Video -- language is not safe for work [NSFW])

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