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Brian Gongol

April 19, 2013

The United States of America Should the TVA be privatized?
If it's not an essential public service, then the Federal government most likely should privatize it. But it seems strange that there are Republican members of Congress opposing the plan, and a Democratic administration floating the idea. The present White House hasn't show much tendency towards privatization -- in fact, much the opposite. So if nothing else, the idea makes for quite the soap opera.

Iowa Wells Fargo breaks ground on $100 million expansion in West Des Moines
The Des Moines Register reports "The bank is not seeking government incentive dollars for the Jordan Creek expansion".

Iowa Hard Rock Casino on the way for Sioux City
It will take the place of the current Argosy riverboat casino. Local supporters think the Hard Rock will bring in twice the money for local charities that the riverboat has.

News How big is Africa, really?

Weather and Disasters Chicago suffers serious flooding

Business and Finance Single adults close to retirement have a lot less on average than married peers

News The US could have shown a little more respect at Thatcher's funeral
No high-ranking administration officials were sent to attend. By contrast, Thatcher herself made a personal appearance at Ronald Reagan's funeral.

Humor and Good News Rammstein vs. Cookie Monster

Broadcasting This week in trends, tips, and technology

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