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Brian Gongol

May 2, 2013

Business and Finance Unlocking human potential
Warren Buffett argues that America's full economic structural advantages over much of the world (built on free markets and the rule of law) haven't even been fully actualized, given how long we have had social obstacles to women's success in the private sector. It's interesting reading.

Agriculture If someone cordoned off Buffalo and starved the entire city, we would have done something
The UN says that 260,000 people died in a famine in Somalia between 2010 and 2012. That's the population of Buffalo, New York. The famine was detected early, and the crop failure that caused the food to fall into short supply could have been mitigated by humanitarian relief efforts...if it hadn't been for militant groups that kept out the relief workers and used food as a weapon of war. It's shameful that criminals like that exist, and it's shameful that we don't pay greater attention.

Humor and Good News Keeping the tradition of May Day baskets alive

Humor and Good News Judge with a sense of humor rules on Texas strip-club laws

Iowa Iowa's railroads by freight carried
Also interesting: A map of Iowa's abandoned railroads.

Weather and Disasters Snow in May? Unusual but not impossible in Iowa.

Business and Finance Good credit means inconceivably low interest rates
Big corporations with strong balance sheets can borrow money for 10 years right now at 2.625% (and for 30 years at 4.125%). That's cheaper than the governments of New Zealand, Australia, India, Italy, or Mexico can borrow for similar periods of time.

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