Gongol.com Archives: May 2013
Brian Gongol

May 17, 2013

Broadcasting This week in trends, tips, and technology

Iowa Iowa State Patrol gets Humvees for the next winter storm

News San Francisco residents don't love their bacon enough

Business and Finance Still growing, but more slowly
Signals from the East Coast hint that the US economy may not be growing very quickly at all. The President, meanwhile, is trying to shift attention away from the scandals of the week and is using the "jobs" refrain as the means to try. What he ignores, willfully or otherwise, is that the private sector has a lot of people who distrust his motives and his moves alike. The budget proposal to cap tax-advantaged retirement savings at $3.4 million was just one example why he doesn't have that trust he needs: A limit like that just tells people not to save or invest. He can make all the speeches he wants, but when his policy proposals tell investors that their services aren't needed or wanted here, they're going to hold back.

Humor and Good News Just try explaining the political abuses of the last week

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