Gongol.com Archives: May 2013
Brian Gongol

May 31, 2013

Science and Technology NHTSA wants four years to decide whether self-driving cars are safe
Four years seems like an awfully long time. Computers will be a lot faster and more powerful by then.

Computers and the Internet Relive the Amiga computer days and play "Lemmings"

Iowa Iowa's official flood-related Tumblr page goes live

The United States of America Are we overheating our talk about Social Security?
It's possible that the language used to discuss the program is hard to distill from actuarial-speak to general-public discussion, but it's also well worth noting that the costs of entitlement programs in the United States are still growing as a percentage of GDP, and are expected to keep on growing by that measure.

Computers and the Internet A preview of Windows 8.1
Microsoft knows that Windows 8 hasn't lit the public's imagination afire, so they're making some changes and will roll them out as "Windows 8.1" late in the summer or in the fall.

Weather and Disasters Should schools in Tornado Alley contain safe rooms?
It's a highly worthwhile question. "Safe rooms" would probably be a more rational expenditure of money on school improvements than bulletproof glass, but in all cases, the most important question is whether the incremental dollar spent is doing the maximum good it possibly can.

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