Gongol.com Archives: June 2013
Brian Gongol

June 27, 2013

Iowa Iowa tries to sell ICN, but gets bids from only one prospect
The commission overseeing the network rejected the two bids it received from INS

Computers and the Internet When Apple's 3D maps go awry

Weather and Disasters Flooding in Calgary damages bridge, causing train derailment
And the train cars appear to be carrying petroleum products, so that's not a great situation for anyone

Computers and the Internet Verizon and US Cellular issue Android update (4.1.2) to Samsung Galaxy S3 phones

Business and Finance Rising interest rates mean higher costs for public-works projects

Business and Finance Should new technology subsidize old technology?
Did newspapers subsidize the town crier?

Computers and the Internet Stop sending naked-baby photos around the Internet
Today's children beg you. And John McIntyre asks for no more than one baby picture (of any sort) per month.

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