Gongol.com Archives: July 2013
Brian Gongol

July 6, 2013

Science and Technology Jeweler with a 3D printer helps surgeons with models
Iowa City jeweler Mark Ginsberg has a 3D printer that he uses to produce models of hearts and other organs to help University of Iowa surgeons when planning tricky surgeries

Computers and the Internet France, too, has been using digital surveillance on its people
Civilian oversight is essential

Iowa Coralville Independence Day fireworks start off with a bang
Computer glitch causes 70% of the show to take off at the start of the program

Science and Technology Beaming ads directly into your brain
German ad agency figures out how to transmit audio commercials via train windows, and thus by bone conduction, straight into passengers' heads. No word yet on whether it will be used (but mark these words: it will, eventually).

Agriculture Evolution strikes back
Herbicides have been successful for so long that the weeds that weren't susceptible to them are now gaining ground (since their weaker cousins have been killed off by the chemicals). It's going to make life harder in agriculture.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft has big plans for Bing
They're broadening access to the core services of the Bing platform, and trying to turn it into something that program developers can use to build applications and integrate seamlessly into more of the things that people use when connected to the Internet. It's going to start off mainly as a service for the refreshed Windows 8.1 to be released later this year, but it's likely to find wider application later on.

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