Gongol.com Archives: July 2013
Brian Gongol

July 22, 2013

Computers and the Internet Is Snapchat a tool for facilitating insider trading?
Rest assured that if Jim Cramer has thought of using it, so have other people like him who are still involved in high-stakes stock swapping

News I-80 to be a hotbed of police presence from July 24 to 31
State-patrol departments from 11 states will be increasing traffic enforcement along America's most important highway

Iowa Red-light cameras in Clive get shut down
At least for the time being. They're not a satisfactory solution to traffic safety; it makes much more sense to take a design-engineering approach, which usually calls for longer yellow lights and longer delays between red lights and green lights in intersecting directions of travel, or traffic circles instead of intersections when appropriate.

News All over the rich world, serious crime is declining
There's no simple answer as to why -- but it's certainly a welcome development. And on a semi-related note, Omaha has a new mayor whose chief of staff is doubling as a security detail.

News Without legal changes, some Commonwealth countries might recognize the wrong British monarch
In other news, it's 2013, and people still recognize heads of state on the basis of heredity.

Health Preventing child abuse
It's a massively worthy effort

News Municipal golf courses hit hard times
Fewer people are playing the game, which makes it harder to make ends meet. This should highlight the risk in public financing of facilities for any popular leisure activity -- including big sports stadiums. If golf can fall from grace, so can football (for instance).

Broadcasting A "Growing Pains" theme for 2013
It is terribly catchy, but that may just be an acute case of 80s nostalgia doing the talking