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Brian Gongol

August 2, 2013

Computers and the Internet "Project Oasis" rumors suggest a $200-million data center is looking at Iowa and Nebraska sites

Computers and the Internet Google wants into the local-news business
Some people are taking hints from Google that the company is shifting focus. News aggregation on an ultra-local basis wouldn't exactly be a change of focus -- but it would certainly be different from organizing the information locked inside the world's printed libraries, for instance.

Computers and the Internet Idiots turn to Twitter with threats against journalists
There have always been stupid people. What's new is that stupid people have access to worldwide platforms to share their stupidity. We trade-off this exposure to stupidity for access to the world's great ideas, which are now available faster and more broadly than at any point in human history. For instance: Guacamole deviled eggs, which apparently have existed for at least six months. That is altogether too long for such a great idea not to have been brought to one's attention.

Computers and the Internet Searching the wrong things could get you visited by police
It was initially reported that a Long Island couple got a visit from police because of what they'd been searching on the Internet from home. It was later clarified that suspicion was aroused because of what one of them had searched about from work, at a job from which he had been released. Either way, it has a dreary overtone to it. Is merely searching for a topic from a work computer enough to give the police probable cause for a visit to one's home? Can one be curious how, for instance, a nuclear weapon might be built, without arousing suspicion that one is thinking of building said weapon?

Business and Finance One employee, 80 years at Goldman Sachs

Science and Technology Europe's largest construction project
They're digging a tunnel from west to east across London. It's huge.

Humor and Good News "Blurred Lines" on classroom instruments
(Video) The Jimmy Fallon/Roots stunt remains funny, even after several iterations

News Did Chinese election observers really ensure the fairness of Zimbabwean elections?
That's a tough sell

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