Gongol.com Archives: August 2013
Brian Gongol

August 7, 2013

Iowa Forbes names Des Moines best place for business and careers in America
No boom, no bust

Business and Finance The UK struggles with a strange form of intergenerational transfer
In order to buy things (like houses) from their seniors, younger people in the UK have to borrow. They're borrowing the cash...in essence...from the people selling the homes. That makes for a glut of cash available for supposedly low-risk investments (like houses), and thus low returns for the savers.

Business and Finance Quitting with fanfare just makes you an attention hound
A LinkedIn columnist praises big, brassy, over-the-top ways to quit one's job. Talk about a pointless exercise in self-absorption. What is the point of making a scene, filming it, and then posting it for the world to see? It's just a tantrum.

Iowa Iowa City Press-Citizen guts its sports staff

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