Gongol.com Archives: August 2013
Brian Gongol

August 12, 2013

Business and Finance The Federal Reserve is trying to get back to 2% inflation
Important to know if you invest. Or earn a paycheck. Or draw a pension. Or take in Social Security. Or buy things. Or borrow money.

Computers and the Internet Facebook's new algorithm will create an echo chamber
Their approach to sorting your news feed includes a change to the algorithm, which gives higher priority to news from people with whom you've recently interacted. Which means the more you hear from certain people, the more you will hear from and about them -- and the less from others. Not necessarily a good thing.

Business and Finance More education means less unemployment

Computers and the Internet Twitter's usefulness as an election-prediction tool

Threats and Hazards Idiots vandalize the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow

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