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Brian Gongol

August 20, 2013

Iowa Des Moines Register promotes editor to publisher
The Register's own story on the promotion includes this unusual line: "[T]he Register has accelerated its transformation from a traditional newspaper operation to a multimedia company, reaching readers and serving customers in print and the digital space". One would think that a copy editor (were there any left) would be aghast at the use of language like "the digital space".

News What parents should say to their kids about sports

Broadcasting WGN Radio finds its identity again
The reign of the crazy people seems to be dead and buried at an important heritage station

News Rural couple taken hostage by prison escapee kills the captor
An inmate escaped from the Clarinda Correctional Facility, shot a sheriff's deputy, and took a couple hostage in the middle of the night at their farm house. After a few hours, the homeowner got his shotgun and killed the escapee. This kind of story is exactly why debates over guns in America sound totally different to people living in urban areas than they do to people living in sparsely-populated areas. There are places in America where there simply isn't going to be a police officer patrolling nearby for many hours, or even days. In those places, gun ownership is a lot less about "clinging" to something out of some kind of romantic notion of the Second Amendment than it is simply a matter of having a tool. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of gun nuts in rural and urban places alike -- just that the rules, expectations, and needs are very different in rural America than they are in big cities.

Humor and Good News Sears stores as inspiration for a series of paintings

Computers and the Internet FCC says about a third of robberies in the US involve smartphones
Lock your phone using a pass code, and use a smartphone antivirus program that allows you to wipe the phone by remote if necessary

News "Indian Country Today" moves from print to all-digital

Computers and the Internet China has 591 million Internet users
That's nearly twice the entire population of the United States. And none of them get to use Yahoo anymore.

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