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Brian Gongol

September 20, 2013

Threats and Hazards Chicago lost more lives to murder than any other US city in 2012
Five hundred in one year -- more than New York City, by far, even though New York is much larger. Chicago needs its own Rudy Giuliani. Or maybe it just needs Giuliani. What also helps: A better economic climate.

Science and Technology "[W]ind power is now cheaper than coal and gas"
Even when unsubsidized (at least in Australia), according to a Bloomberg analysis

Business and Finance Warren Buffett has no "second choice" for Fed chair
He wants Ben Bernanke to come back. Related: There was very little net change in unemployment last month.

News "[M]inisters of the Church must be ministers of mercy above all"
Pope Francis comes across as a much-needed revolutionary

News One "Darwin Award" story that really happened
It's being circulated as though it's a recent story, but a man really did try to rob a gun store occupied by a uniformed police officer back in 1990. He did not survive to go to trial.

Computers and the Internet Apple's new iPhones launch today
But whose idea was it to come out with a higher-powered phone and a lower-tech model at the same time, and distinguish their model names only by calling one the "5c" and one the "5s"? Apple just made things too complicated for the very casual user -- and that's the market Apple should be trying to win over. The company endless ballyhoo over being user-friendly, and now that smartphones outsell regular phones, the remaining market to be conquered is the set of users who have thus far been afraid to buy smartphones for fear of their complexity. Many will go into stores and want "the new iPhone", and then get lost in the details of a "5c" versus a "5s". Oh, and there's also that complication that "5" and "S" look a lot alike. Poor branding choice for Apple, if they want to catch up with Android (or just hold their own) in the smartphone market. Don't make customers learn your codes; just give them model names that are simple and catchy to ask for. The iPhone series is turning into jargon soup.

Computers and the Internet AllThingsD to split off from Dow Jones
That's too bad; the brand alliance gave AllThingsD a certain level of credibility that its all-too-casual name did not

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