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Brian Gongol

September 22, 2013

Threats and Hazards Dozens killed in terrorist attack in Kenya

News Old nuclear weapons are going to cost us money
Their electronics are on borrowed time, and nobody wants an accident to happen. Fixing them will cost about $10 billion, which (with a population of 316 million) is about $32 a person.

Iowa Whatever came of "Generation Iowa"?
Not a great deal, at least not structurally. Iowa and other "brain-drained" states need to stop obsessing so much over where recent graduates choose to live and think more about making sure the tax and regulatory environment is friendly to business in general (and thus, by extension, to small and startup businesses). The friendlier the climate for business, the more opportunities for those who want to work for themselves, and the greater the choice for those who prefer to work for others.

Business and Finance The life of a hotel housekeeper

Business and Finance Nielsen (the TV ratings company) buys Arbitron (the radio ratings company)

Broadcasting This week in making money and having fun
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