Gongol.com Archives: October 2013
Brian Gongol

October 31, 2013

Business and Finance Chinese state-run news media accuse Starbucks of overcharging Chinese consumers
Who knew that they were being held at gunpoint and forced to buy coffee?

Business and Finance Half of people approaching retirement are adding debt faster than they're saving

Computers and the Internet NSA accused of spying directly on Google

Computers and the Internet It's not a coincidence that Android's latest release is called "KitKat"
They've been naming the different iterations of the operating system in alphabetical order, using dessert names (ice cream sandwich, froyo, and so on), but this one's a "branding partnership".

Business and Finance What Americans own of foreign companies
There's a lot of fretting about foreign investment in the United States, but it's worth noting that Americans own foreign stocks as well. And at the end of last year (the last time for which data are available), Americans held on to $5.3 trillion in stock in foreign companies, and another $2.5 trillion in their debts.

Health "Football is bad for you, and that's ok"
A columnist argues that it's the maintenance of the illusion that there can be safety behind pads and helmets and mouth guards that really makes things dangerous

Business and Finance A little less compensation for investment bankers?

Iowa Iowa's traffic-enforcement-by-camera debate continues
Police representatives showed up to a hearing in Ankeny to argue that traffic-enforcement camera systems should be kept

Humor and Good News Good advice on the art of being a man
From Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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