Gongol.com Archives: November 2013
Brian Gongol

November 10, 2013

Socialism Doesn't Work Venezuela goes truly lawless
The government has commandeered a retail chain that sells electronics. Just stolen it, wholesale. It's shameless authoritarianism.

Business and Finance Sure, the Twitter IPO went well, but it's pure speculation
Suppose you were invited to invest in a hotel chain that had never recorded a profit, and that had negative net equity of $178 million. Suppose that their main selling point was that they were one of the most popular hotel chains around, thanks largely to the fact they allowed guests to stay for free, in exchange for seeing ads on every surface of the room. Would you want to invest in that company, or would you pick profitable companies with solid balance sheets? Any choice to buy stock in Twitter is emphatically not an investment. It's pure, unadulterated speculation.

Health 3D-printed human liver hits new survival record
A company claims to have gotten one to survive for 40 days, which isn't long enough to make it useful yet, but is long enough to show that the concept has promise

Computers and the Internet GPS tracking: Good for crimefighting, but only if it's done legally
Courts have been sending signals to law enforcement that they need to go through the right channels to get warrants before using technology to track suspects

Agriculture Northwest Iowa harvest is slow in places due to tornado damage
You don't usually have to watch out for debris when combining