Gongol.com Archives: November 2013
Brian Gongol

November 20, 2013

News When times get tough, it's tough to repress populist nationalism
There's nothing wrong with a healthy degree of nationalism -- to the scale that people say to themselves, "We can do better...that's the American way!" But blind populist nationalism (of the flavor that says, "We don't want outsiders here!" or "We need to protect our own industries, no matter the cost!") often leads to highly counter-productive policies that make getting over the tough times even tougher. And Europe is in the middle of some tough times.

Humor and Good News A delightful parent-child interaction
Mom starts the artwork with a portrait; daughter finishes with a doodle

Health News flash: Researchers identify a new category of boredom
Another news flash: Somebody's actually made a career out of studying boredom.

Humor and Good News Resolving some loose ends

Science and Technology Which uses more electricity: A refrigerator or a smartphone?
Depends on whether you're trying to measure the "total energy footprint" of the cellular network

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