Gongol.com Archives: November 2013
Brian Gongol

November 29, 2013

Science and Technology A high-friction road treatment is preventing crashes in Cedar Rapids

Threats and Hazards Why the world should worry about a Syrian backlash
Violence there isn't going to remain contained for long. Also, we need to worry about the children left homeless and alone by the war.

Aviation News Police helicopter crashes into Scottish bar

News What makes academics like drug lords
It's all about the hustle

News How jobs evolve
Firefighters do a lot more than just putting out flames. If your job hasn't evolved similarly in the last quarter-century, worry.

Business and Finance Why call anything a "tech company"?
An intriguing argument that technology isn't really a distinction anymore

Agriculture Corn prices have really gone into the toilet
From last November's $7.03 a bushel, we're down to $4.30. Not a good indicator for cash rents, and consequently for land prices

Computers and the Internet Why people get addicted to first-person shooters
Certain role-playing games have the capacity to induce a sense of "flow" -- a rewarding sense of control and positive feedback -- that makes people feel really good

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