Gongol.com Archives: December 2013
Brian Gongol

December 20, 2013

News What's going to make China healthier and safer?
Wealthier consumers who expect more, that's what.

Computers and the Internet A $300 alternative to the iPad
The Asus Transformer T100 runs on Windows 8.1

Iowa Passenger rail in Iowa isn't making much progress
It's looking more expensive than previously thought to connect the Quad Cities and Iowa City, and that's where the inter-metro population is most dense. It's hard to imagine getting more luck moving farther west. Regardless, if we can convert our cars into more efficient vehicles through automation, then the advantages to alternatives like rail might not be so great.

Business and Finance Europe's credit rating drops from "AAA"
Standard and Poor's says it's only worthy of AA+ because the countries making up the EU can't agree on things like budgets

Computers and the Internet New rules (that aren't so new)
Own your personal name as a domain name, and don't say stupid things online

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