Gongol.com Archives: January 2014

Brian Gongol

January 3, 2014

Iowa Just start with a unique identity in the first place
The Okoboji schools have started a migration away from a school logo that was deemed an infringement on the University of Oregon's logo. Why didn't someone just come up with an original identity for the schools the first time around?

Threats and Hazards We are woefully unprepared for space rocks
Asteroid strikes are a low-probability but high-impact event, and we've only ever accurately forecasted two of them

Computers and the Internet Meeting the voters where they are
The political left has been far more clever at applying media outreach than the political right

Health Socializing costs doesn't make them go away
Changing who foots the bill for health care isn't the same thing as reducing the costs themselves

Computers and the Internet The NSA is working on quantum computing...
...but it has been (as have others) for quite a while

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