Gongol.com Archives: January 2014

Brian Gongol

January 7, 2014

Business and Finance Quantitative analysis won't solve everything
It's really only of late that we as a species have figured out how to crunch numbers in a really big way, and that's causing quantitative analysis to come into its own as a tool for decision-making. Just like anything involving humans, maturity with this tool involves synthesis and well-roundedness. Know your weaknesses and compensate for them. Understand how quantitative analysis can help, and know the boundaries of its usefulness. Know your own strengths and enhance them, using quantitative analysis as an aid, not a substitute.

Computers and the Internet Jelly: The new social network designed to network your other social networks

Threats and Hazards Now you know the playbook for goverment's efforts to hide information from the public
Either our government agencies and departments are (and should be) transparent, or they are not. And if they should be, then manipulative and sneaky behavior by bureaucrats should not be tolerated. The taxpayers, after all, should be the boss.

Computers and the Internet Recognizing people in the reflections of others' eyes
Now possible thanks to ever-improving digital photograph resolution

Business and Finance When innocuous comments on Twitter evolve into advertising

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