Gongol.com Archives: January 2014

Brian Gongol

January 9, 2014

Science and Technology Ford exec suggests that the automakers track your driving
Then he tried to take it back

Broadcasting Basement renovation in a Star Trek style
Nuts but strangely impressive

Weather and Disasters Should rain storms have something like a Richter scale?
It's a compelling idea. Saying that something is a "once-in-100-year" storm doesn't really tell us how severe the impact will really be. It just makes it sound like a rarity, and one for which preparation is not really necessary. Converting to a report on the severity of the storm would actually offer useful information.

Iowa The Iowa State Fair won't end up being cashless after all
If people knew how dirty their cash really is, they'd welcome a change to clean, unused tickets with open arms.

News Democracy or stability in Egypt: The pro-democracy case

Business and Finance Generally: The fewer words in your title, the more impressive it is

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