Gongol.com Archives: February 2014

Brian Gongol

February 4, 2014

Business and Finance It's time for the next generation in credit cards
The huge Target security breach hammers home that point

Science and Technology NHTSA wants cars to transmit location data to one another
If we can effectively enable inter-vehicle communication in a way that mimics the swarming behavior of ants (for instance), we could all end up much safer on the roads

Computers and the Internet Microsoft names its next CEO
Interesting: They're putting their cloud-services chief in charge of the whole company and (supposedly) increasing Bill Gates's role once again

Weather and Disasters NOAA's looking for better ways to issue weather warnings to the public

Broadcasting Why Maria Bartiromo quit CNBC
Ambitious people who don't see anyone seeking to help them advance can't be blamed for looking around for other options

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