Gongol.com Archives: February 2014

Brian Gongol

February 6, 2014

Business and Finance BLS claims a 3.2% annualized increase in US labor productivity
If true and accurate, it's great news. Economic growth (per capita) is necessarily the result of increased productivity. More productivity means faster growth.

Computers and the Internet Now the computer crooks have turned to fake funeral announcements
They'll clearly do anything to get you to let down your guard and click on a malicious link

News The attempt to legalize targeted killings of American citizens in the "War on Terror"
Do we demand security at any cost?

Computers and the Internet The hacking threat to Sochi Olympics visitors and participants

Science and Technology Impressive visualizations of science

Humor and Good News A response to Russia's "gay propaganda" ban

Humor and Good News Drink Leninade!

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