Gongol.com Archives: February 2014

Brian Gongol

February 7, 2014

Iowa Envy isn't an economic policy
Richard Doak used to edit the opinion pages of the Des Moines Register. Now he's just opining on his own, saying that Iowa needs a Minnesota-style economic policy (which he characterizes as being part of their "more progressive politics"). Not everything he suggests is wrong -- we'd be better off finding an escape route from the free-for-all of economic-development incentives. But suggesting that we need a "more progressive state income tax" is boneheaded. The state's tax system is already too complex and riddled with special deductions. Flatten the rate and simplify the system. And don't think Iowa needs to become more "progressive" (code language for "more inclined to spend") in order to succeed.

Weather and Disasters Putting knowledge of user experience to work alongside weather forecasting
The science of weather forecasting has improved a lot over recent decades. Now it's time to improve the communication of that science to a public that doesn't seem especially interested in specialized information.

Business and Finance What would it really take to unionize college football players?
They're trying to do it at Northwestern

Weather and Disasters How much snow has to fall before school gets cancelled?

Humor and Good News There's a perfect way to hold your hamburger
But you'll look pretty silly doing it