Gongol.com Archives: March 2014

Brian Gongol

March 11, 2014

Business and Finance Omaha Hilton shows the risks of municipally-funded private-sector projects
The city financed the hotel to help spur convention business...but now it's in danger of losing money

Business and Finance "Sometimes being a fast-follower is better than being a leader"
Analyst commenting on how Lexus may have stolen some of Acura's thunder

Health Why we have (and need) safe-haven laws
A woman is looking for the mother who left her as a newborn in the bathroom of a Pennsylvania Burger King. It is absolutely essential that people know that every state has a safe-haven law allowing mothers to relinquish their infants unharmed, no questions asked. The window of time available and the acceptable locations vary by state, but the fact that protection is universal should be known...universally.

Science and Technology The solar system, to scale
Plus some amusing commentary in the spaces between the planets

Health HPV-related cancers have increased in Iowa in recent decades
All the more reason to treasure the HPV vaccine as a real advance