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Brian Gongol

March 15, 2014

Business and Finance What holds back South Africa
It's one of many nations that could find itself hurt when the Federal Reserve backs off on an easy-money policy. The important thing for all of these vulnerable nation is to get good at things other than pure extraction economies (like diamonds, oil, gold, or other things that come out of the ground). Skilled work forces producing goods and services -- and getting better at doing those things all the time -- mark the path to durable economic growth.

Health Vaccinate your children. Celebrities can be idiots.

Computers and the Internet How science puts (believable) curly hair on computer-animated characters

Business and Finance Costs and benefits of running background checks on employees' social media accounts

Broadcasting "Seinfeld" when nothing really does happen

Broadcasting Show notes: WHO Radio Wise Guys for March 15, 2014

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