Gongol.com Archives: March 2014

Brian Gongol

March 26, 2014

Broadcasting Sign of the times: BBC moves a major channel to online-only
BBC3 went on the air in 2003 and will go off the air (in the conventional sense) once the plan works its way through the bureaucracy. How much will the over-the-air signal actually be missed?

Computers and the Internet Twitter goes beyond the 140 characters
They're letting users put as many as four photos in each update

News NLRB says Northwestern football players are eligible to unionize
Pretty major news for college football

Science and Technology Blame Chicago CTA crash on sleeping operator
Why do we not have more faith in automated control of things like cars and subways? Sure, put people in place as a backup set of eyes and ears, but let's trust the computes and machinery that are clearly good enough to do the job.

Business and Finance Should auto dealers be protected by law?

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